crossfit – wednesday 23rd, 2016

CrossFit 972 – CrossFit


a: Death by Burpee (AMRAP – Rounds)

complete the same number of burpees as the minute that you are on. you have until the next minute starts as rest. once you fail to complete the number of burpees for that minute your attempt is over and your score is the last full round you completed.
15min max

b: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

partner amrap


cal row 15/10

air squats 30/20

partner 1 is on row

partner 2 is on air squats

rd 2


get as far into this emom as possible without failing. as soon as one partner fails the team is done. score is last full round completed before the minute expires.

15min max


Front Squat (build to heavy 6reps)

then drop sets of 6 @90%,80%,70%