crossfit – thursday 26th, 2016

CrossFit 972 – CrossFit


a: Kettle Bell Windmill (4×12/arm)

b: Lying Single Leg Raise (4×10/leg @ 31×3)

lying on your side, with a straight leg, raise the leg that is on top all the way to vertical.
3 second hold at vertical

3 second descent


Metcon (Time)

for time

200 dbl unders

100 mountain climbers

50 goblet squat with curl 53/35
goblet squat with curl = while in the bottom position of the goblet squat, lower the kb bell to full extension of the arms, curl back up into rack position, then drive out of the squat. do not let the kettlebell touch the ground.


if you are mobile enough to get low enough where the kettlebell touches the ground at the bottom of the curl you will need to hold the kettlebell by the body and not the horns.