FTA – Week 1 Day 1

CrossFit 972 – Functional Training Introduction to Foam Rolling Tech (No Measure) calves, hamstrings, glutes, back/lats, hip flexors, quads, IT bands Introduction to Active Streches (No Measure) inchworm, pvc pass throughs, iron cross, world’s greatest Pushups Foundaions (tech work) Proper mechanics, hand release, scale if necessary Pull-ups and ring rows (tech work) shoulder blade retraction,[…]

crossfit – saturday 21st, 2015

CrossFit 972 – CrossFit Gymnastics Metcon (Weight) teams of 3 one barbell build to 1rm thruster in 12min score is the combined weight of each team member’s thruster then complete below Metcon (Time) 200 kettlebell swings53/35 150 push press 95/65 100 pullups 50 box jump over 24/20 1200m med ball relay 20/14

FTA – Week 3 Day 3

CrossFit 972 – Functional Training Active Stretches (No Measure) scarecrow, hip rotation, glute bridge, scorpion stretch, squat holds Technique -Opportunity to review any make up or movements missed -Review major lifts “Baseline” (Time) 500m row or 400m run 40 air squats 30 ab mat sit-ups 20 push-ups 10 pull-ups or ring rows Cool Down -talk[…]