FTA – Tuesday July 21

CrossFit 972 – Functional Training Metcon (No Measure) pull-up teaching and introduction Strict Pull Ups (can use bands today, or partners, or negative pul) Build to 30 reps anyhow- make each rep challenging Metcon (Time) 3 rounds: 400m run 21 KB swings overhead – moderate and minumum breaks 12 jumping pull-ups

FTA – Monday July 20

CrossFit 972 – Functional Training Hang Power Snatch (progressions and teaching for 10 minutes) Hang Power Snatch (3 x 8 sets; rest 90 seconds) Metcon (Weight) farmer’s walk – 400m, heavy as it goes Metcon (No Measure) 5 mintues of plank holding – side bridge, superman, or front leaning rest, try to stay in one[…]