Crossfit – Friday 30th, 2015

Main – CrossFit Weightlifting Bent Over Row ( build to something heavy but minimize the heaving of the weight up that develops on the heavier loads. Gymnastics Chin Up (4rds max effort) get as many reps as possible until you have to dismount the bar. 4 times through and final score is total reps of[…]

Crossfit – Thursday 29th, 2015

Main – CrossFit Weightlifting a: Front Squat ( b: Power Clean.Hang Clean.Jerk (1.2.2 @ 5sets) build each set with tech priority. no drops or regrips. this complex is one rep of power clean into 2 reps of hang clean finishing with 2 jerk of any style. Metcon Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) 8min amrap[…]

Crossfit – Wednesday 28th, 2015

Main – CrossFit Conditioning move steady and for quality. hold one second at the top and bottom of each movement while maintaining a solid contraction of targeted area. a: Cuban Barbell Press (40) b: Weighted Knees to Chest (50) c: Side Bridge (50/side) d: Superman (50) e: Banded Hamstring Curls (50)

Crossfit – Tuesday 27th, 2015

Main – CrossFit Weightlifting Bench Press ( full rom. lock out elbows at the top and lower the bar all the way to your chest. lock down your scapulas and tighten the back. Conditioning a: Deficit Handstand Push-ups (40) create a deficit by placing weight plates on the ground. Your starting position will have your[…]

Crossfit – Monday 26th, 2015

Main – CrossFit Weightlifting Back Squat ( load intensive BUT double check your range of motion. do not cheat yourself by going short on rom because of the weight. if you can’t get full rom then it’s too heavy of a load. Conditioning a: Metcon (Time) 4rds 40 double unders 15 burpees 2min restmove quick[…]

Crossfit – Friday 23rd, 2015

Main – CrossFit Weightlifting a: Snatch Grip Deadlift ( load priority. maintain a good starting position with each pull. you can alternate grip. not touch and go, reset for each pull. b: Split Jerk ( load each set but tech priority. good solid dip drive. working on fast consistent footwork. speed under the bar with[…]

Crossfit – Thursday 22nd, 2014

Main – CrossFit Weightlifting a: Front Squat ( heavier than last week! b: Hang Power Snatch.Hang Snatch.Snatch ( this is not load intensive. focus on the positioning of your back and shoulders in the hang position, full hip extension, and lock out in the receiving position. speed under the bar! if you are not confident[…]