Crossfit – Tuesday 23rd, 2014

Main – CrossFit Conditioning With a 10 minute countdown timer, and starting with an empty barbell, use the first 8 minutes to complete as heavy as a 3RM strict press as possible, and the last two minutes to complete as many burps as possible. You must cease pressing and begin burpees at exact 8 minutes.[…]

Crossfit – Monday 22nd, 2014

Main – CrossFit Kettle Bell Swings (1-15) kb breathing ladder 70lbs/53lbs (1 swing, 1 breath, 2 swings, 2 breaths, etc., until you can’t make swings w/o breaking or reach 15; MUST attempt next set after equal amounts of breaths or you’re done as well) each segment for time @ very very hard effort Metcon Metcon[…]

Crossfit – Friday 19th, 2014

Main – CrossFit Weightlifting a: Hang Snatch (2,2,2,2,2) 60sec rest between sets Gymnastics b: Wall Walks (5) beginner b: Handstand Push Up (Negatives) (5) intermediate b: Handstand Push-ups (5) advanced – strict rest 1:30 @ 6 sets Metcon Metcon (Time) for time at a very intense pace 550m row 30 wall ball